The Exploration of Anthropoliteia, the Anthropology of Policing

Captain Alexis Fecteau Arrest

Captain Alexis Fecteau is fascinated with Anthropoliteia, the anthropology of policing. It is considered to be a huge part of learning about criminal justice. Through this blog on anthropoliteia, readers can learn a lot about issues revolving around crime, security, and governance.

Recently, events such as #BlackLivesMatter in the U.S. and “Arab Spring” in the Middle East became perfect scenarios for cases to study. In fact, all around the world, protests, political mobilizations, and policing have been evident. In countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, Turkey, and most recently, Brazil and Hong Kong, huge political movements have brought the issue of policing into the spotlight.

Captain Alexis Fecteau. Thus, it is important to examine the material on police studies and criminology, as well as anthropology, in furthering studies on the matter. Learning new approaches, ideas, and theories across a myriad of fields connected to criminal justice not only gives several perspectives to look at cases, but it also helps cultivate critical thinking.

Still on the topic of multiple perspectives, looking at issues from different angles can help a person better understand cases. For example, anthropologists see policing as a broad topic, and they are primarily focused on law, order, crime, and punishment. However, if one were to look at an issue from the perspective of say, a historian, several new impressions come to light, which create deeper and a more detailed image of policing. Captain Alexis Fecteau.

While some people are primarily anthropological in their approach when researching criminal justice, others have learned to mix other disciplines and combine their theories and methods, as well as important data from other branches of learning to put policing in the light of sociology, geography, history, and of course, criminology. Putting policing against these backdrops adds color to the word and introduces various issues for people to study.

Combine that with a focus on fieldwork, and the concept of policing will seem tangible and easier to grasp, which is important, especially for those who are just getting their feet wet with the study of anthropoliteia.

Moreover, with this deeper understanding, people may actually do some good with the information they’ve gathered on policing. Captain Alexis Fecteau.