Greetings! I am Captain Alexis Fecteau, a criminal law student who wants to share my personal views on today’s criminal justice system as well as my insights on the latest news on court cases, the penitentiary system, and policing.  I feel the need to share knowledge and information at a time when some people show little confidence in the justice system and the men and women who uphold the law.

Knowing facts is key when talking about the criminal justice system.  By looking at the numbers, we can ascertain that our problems are real and that they are getting out of hand.  State prisons are overpopulated, very few states are coming up with reforms to decrease inmate population, racial inequality is clear as glass, the list goes on. Not only should we look at the numbers; I believe it is also important to know how laws work.  We have to know which laws we follow as a society which have led to the current situation.  Before we commit to fixing things, we must understand the flaws. We need this in order to come up with real solutions.

I am also a staunch supporter of The Innocence Project.  Founded in 1992, The Innocence Project contains articles on wrongful convictions which have been overturned by lawyers and law enforcement, new technologies that aid prosecution, as well as the latest developments that can help avert injustice.

It is easy to sow disdain toward the government, law enforcement, and the men and women behind the criminal justice system.  But we must choose to take the hard road and become catalysts for change.  I believe that, in order to move forward, we have to be informed.  Before we call out our congressmen and women to implement the changes we want to see in governance, we must take it upon ourselves to understand the ills of the system, why they don’t work, and how we can move forward.